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2022 is our BIGGEST show yet!!



7 Continents Minerals

Armstrong Tools

Beauties of Creation


Cosmic Connections

Daves Rocks and Carvings

Dayle Harrison

Diamond Pacific

Dreaming Down Under

Earth Prospects

Earth Works

Erik Rintamaki

Fantasia Mining

Fossil Hut



Great Opals

Indiana Rock Farm

KU Minerals

Lamberts Minerals

LK Enterprizes

Love Rocks Lapidary

Magical Maven Dirt Jewels

Michigan Rocks & Minerals

Mineral House

Nayab Gems

Nightjar Minerals

Paleo Joe

Peacock Rocks

Pi Mar Designs and Diamonds

Pinnacle 5 Minerals

Red Metal Minerals

Rock Stars

Russels Trees and Treasures

Ruth Anns SW Treasures

S.J. Gems

S.S. Gold and Diamond

Sigma Solutions


Simply Living Jewelry

Tourmaline Kings

Woodies Rock Shop

Wrap N Rocks

Xingyi Creations


ZFO Enterprises

Club Booths:

Silent Auction

Specimen Table

Geode Cracking

Gold Panning

Gold Mine

Kids Games

Petockey Polishing


Grand Prize Drawing Table

Information Booth

Non-profit Earth Science Booths


Kingman Museum


More coming soon!

If you are interested in a FREE earth science booth, please contact us!

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