Each year we take one major trip and some smaller ones. Below is a list of upcoming Field Trips & Travel. If you would like to suggest a location to take a field trip to, please let a board member know. Remember, in order to attend any field trips, digging or not, you must be a current member in good standing.

**We are currently looking for additional field trip committee members. This position would find and plan trips for the club. For more info, see a board member.

KGMS members in good standing (dues must be paid) can participate in collecting field trips.

• If you aren't a KGMS member, you can become one ahead of time or the day of the event.

Standard safety equipment required (hardhats, steel toe boots, safety vests, safety glasses)

• Be on time for escorted field trips. If you are late, you will not be allowed on the trip
• Some field trips may have additional rules (e.g. mines)

Please feel free to contact Kim with any questions


Upcoming Field Trips: