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Rock, gem, fossil, mineral, jewelry and meteorite dealers that would like to be considered for future KGMS shows 

Contact Dave Haas, Vendor Liaison.  Include a description and photographs of your merchandise, and a photo of your booth set up. We keep dealer contact information and submitted photos etc., on file. If an opening occurs at the KGMS show, we go to this file first to select candidates.

Vendors must sell items that are 100% related to the rock and gem world.

Metaphysically related products and services are not permitted.

Please note: KGMS goes through an extensive vetting process before selecting a dealer for the Kalamazoo Rock and Mineral Show. We take many different things into consideration when selecting new vendors. While we do have a waiting list for the show, potential new dealers are not chosen by "who's next" on the list, in order to maintain diversity and variety at our show.

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